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7 Websites for Free English Lessons

Find free English speaking, reading, listening, and writing lessons online.

November 30, 2018 / Allie / ENGLISH LESSONS

Many of the best non-native English students that I’ve taught, people who didn’t learn English as a child, but speak confidently and fluently, taught themselves English using the internet. There are numerous websites all over the internet that will help you learn English, and that doesn’t even count the various YouTube Channels dedicated to learning English. In no particular order, I’ve listed some of my favorite websites that I recommend to English learners on the web.


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Don’t be fooled by the old school design! This website has over 100 listening activities and quizzes in three levels - easy, medium, and hard. If you frequently use English on the phone or just want to improve your listening skills, Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab is THE place to go.


My Language Exchange
I’ve found several language partners who’ve become good friends through My Language Exchange. The site makes it easy to find partners because you can put in your native language and location, as well as your partner’s native language and location. For example, you may want to learn English, but only with people in America, not Australia or England or other countries. My language exchange is the best place to find a partner to practice with.


Breaking News English
Breaking News English takes popular articles from English news publications and rewrites them in multiple levels for English learners. Practice English vocabulary, and comprehension. Each activity begins with a short news article and a variety of exercises from factual questions to check your understanding to vocabulary. Each article comes in multiple levels ranging from 0-6. Most articles are available in 0-3 or 4-6.  

VOA English
Voice of America English is part of the Voice of America News network. The VOA English platform adapts that weeks news stories in multiple levels for beginner, intermediate, and advanced language learners. Most articles are accompanied by a video, so you can improve your listening skills in addition to reading.

News in Levels
As the name suggests, News in Levels writes popular news articles in simple English for English learners. The website uses 3 levels and also offers an English test, so that you can test your level prior to reading articles.


Grammarly is a free writing assistant. It’s more than spell check! It helps you with word choice, and tells you when you’ve used the wrong form of their, there, or they’re or your and you’re. It’s a great tool to have if you need to write in English and want to check your writing.

Have you ever wrote something and wondered if it sounds natural or not? Ludwig is a tool that checks phrases against thousands of newspaper articles and journal articles. Let’s say you heard the idiom “put the cart before the horse” and you want to use it in a sentence. Simply copy and past your sentence in Ludwig’s search engine to see if it’s been used before. Checking Ludwig is a great tool for checking idioms and phrases that you aren’t sure about.


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