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What Are the Best Apps for English Learners?

Sounds of Speech, SpeechAce, Phrasal, and HelloTalk are the best apps for English learners.

November 30, 2018 / Allie / ENGLISH APPS

There’s a whole world of great apps out there that you can use practice English when you’re waiting in line, riding on a train, or just bored with a few minutes to spare. The apps below will help you with your pronunciation, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary. Even when you can’t speak, you can still use the apps to listen to experts, review new words in the dictionary, or text chat with your language partner.

Sounds of Speech - Learn all the sounds in the English language

If you struggle to pronounce certain sounds, the Sounds of Speech iPhone app developed at the University of Iowa can help you. The app explains every sound you will need in the English language and was developed specifically for English learners and linguists. Through GIF animations, video, and audio the app models how to make certain sounds, showing you tongue and lip placement to help you make the right sound. The animations include profile (from the side of the face) so you can see how to make sounds more clearly. The app helps you pronounce individual consonants and vowels as well as blends like “ch” or “th.”  

SpeechAce - Learn to pronounce over 80,000 words

SpeechAce is an iPhone app that helps you improve your pronunciation by helping you pronounce specific words. The Speech Ace app includes a library of over 80,000 words that you can learn to pronounce clearly. To improve your pronunciation you can listen to an expert say the word in a male or female voice. You can practice pronouncing each word as many times as you like.  After you complete each pronunciation task, you’ll receive a score. Each pronunciation attempt produces a speech graph. You can compare your speech graph to the expert for tips on how to improve your pronunciation.

Phrasal  - Learn over 500 phrasal verbs

Phrasal is an app that will help you learn and practice phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs include an action verb (give, get, hand, run) paired with a preposition (up, to, off, in). Unlike other English grammar concepts, there’s no quick and easy way to master phrasal verbs, you have to memorize them. With Phrasal App, you’ll learn over 500 phrasal verbs through over 1,500 interactive quiz questions. The app’s dictionary offers a definition and sample sentence for every phrasal verb you need to learn. You’ll master phrasal verbs in and sound like a native speaker in no time! Sign up for the waiting list to find out when the app is released.

HelloTalk - Learn English by practicing with a language partner

HelloTalk is a chatting app to meet people from all over the world. It’s simple and easy to search and message people directly. When you sign up, select your native language, and the language you want to learn. You’ll then have access to a group board for native speakers and learners of the target languages. You can post tips for learning a language or just chat about your day. Or if you’re shy you can post a request for a language partner and wait for people to message you. The best part is HelloTalk’s built in correction tools which allow you to correct the text of your language partner. You can also send audio messages and do phone calls.


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